Why employ a professional gardener ?

In our view a professional gardener is someone who not only makes their living from supplying gardening services but is also
  • qualified in horticulture
  • knowledgeable
  • suitably experienced
  • reliable
  • up to date with relevant law, rules and regulations
  • aware of health and safety procedures
  • in possession of professional grade tools and machinery
  • fully insured for the tasks undertaken
  • passionate about their chosen profession.
We have noticed many new gardeners popping up out of the woodwork of late, quoting unrealistically low prices and then making a total mess of the job. They often turn up with their B&Q tools in the family car and set about the job of ruining someone's garden and leaving a pile of waste that they cannot dispose of. This is often the moment when a professional company is contacted to come and remedy the resultant gardening nightmare. If this had been done at the outset then a lot of stress, wasted time and unnecessary expense would have been avoided. 

Professional gardeners know exactly what they are doing, have all the necessary skills and equipment to complete the job safely and efficiently and will deal with the waste created in an efficient and lawful manner. Someone who has been trading for several years has obviously been doing a good job and continued to get work from existing and new customers.

Most professional companies will have all the necessary legal requirements covered. Many homeowners are unaware that gardeners employed by them should have the following
  • public liability insurance covering the type of work that they do 
  • employers liability insurance (if they employ people)
  • a waste carriers licence
  • certificates for the safe use of chainsaws
  • certificate for the safe application of pesticides
  • registration with HMRC as being self employed and therefore paying income tax
Gardening is seen as a profession that anyone with a lawn mower can have a go at. This is simply not true because apart from qualifications, certificates, insurances and professional grade tools you require motivation, passion, people skills, business running skills, a love of the outdoors and nature, a respect for the law and knowledge of health and safety, amongst other things.