Lawn care

Eco Garden Maintenance provide professional lawn care and lawn treatments to clients in the Leeds, York, Selby, Wetherby, Tadcaster and Sherburn in Elmet areas. 

We can make the lawn of your dreams become a reality through our extensive knowledge, skills and above all hard work. We are not a franchise and give particular attention to building up a relationship with our clients and delivering excellent customer service. Eco Garden Maintenance believe in delivering our lawn care services whilst having consideration for the people and animals who will be using the lawn, and the garden as a whole. It is far too common for lawn care providers to ignore the potential effect their actions have on who ever is mowing the lawn and the rest of the clients garden. As we are involved with all aspects of garden maintenance including grass cutting, we will not pump your lawn full of excess levels of nitrogen and leave you with a lawn which needs mowing every other day. Neither will we push unnecessary treatments and operations at the wrong time of year  just to fill up our diary.


A beautiful, healthy lawn does not just happen on its own. Apart from regular mowing a lawn requires a number of other operations to be carried out at various times of the year to help it look its best. Every lawn, its situation and the soil it is growing in is unique, which is why Eco Garden Maintenance will examine your lawn and suggest a plan of works which will address any problems and help prevent any problems occurring in the future. If you are interested in full or partial organic lawn care services please see our organic lawn care page.

If the lawn is looking unhealthy it is usually due to problems such as low soil fertility, low soil organic matter content, compaction, excess shade, accumulation of thatch, pests, diseases and parasitic fungi. People often overlook the health of the soil and in our experience this is the most important requirement for an attractive ornamental lawn.

Lawn care packages from Eco Garden Maintenance can consist of one or more of the following;

  • applications of fertiliser
  • moss control
  • application of selective weedkiller
  • hollow and/or solid tine aeration
  • scarification
  • top dressing
  • over seeding
  • pest and disease control
Many lawn owners think that carrying out particular operations such as scarification and aeration, only need to be done once and all their problems are solved. This is definitely not the case and many of the above tasks need to be done regularly to achieve the desired result.

Mention must be made here about the use of cheap, triple action granular products which are referred to as "Feed, Weed and Moss killer". They are widely used by amateur gardeners but not popular with lawn care service providers, golf courses or other turf management specialists. The reason why is very simple. Feed, weed and moss killer does none of its three jobs very well. It has to be applied at the highest dose rate to have any weed or moss killing effect, and even then the results are limited. At the highest dose rate the amount of fertiliser applied produces a huge flush of growth that is hard to keep up with the mower, can promote disease and is short lived. 

Results with turf care products are much better and consistent when the fertiliser, weed killer and moss killer are applied separately using products specially designed for their respective purpose. The best weed killers on the market are all liquid based which must be applied with a sprayer and are only available to professionals with the relevant spraying certificates. Likewise, moss killers are much more effective when applied in liquid form. Fertilisers can however be applied in granular or liquid form depending on what the lawn requires.

Lawn Fertiliser

If the lawn clippings are being removed regularly then nutrients are also being removed from the soil and not returned. Over a period of time this can lead to the soil being severely lacking in nutrients and organic matter, resulting in poor grass growth, colour and overall lawn health. As the grass coverage becomes sparser, moss and weeds have an opportunity to colonize your lawn and disease become more of a problem.


Nutrients must be applied regularly to the lawn to keep it healthy and looking good. At Eco Garden Maintenance we use both liquid and granular fertilisers which are specially chosen by us to provide all the nutrients your lawn requires, with a controlled slow release method of action.

Most lawns require at least two applications of fertiliser, one in spring and another in autumn. However, we recommend three applications, with the third applied in summer between the spring and autumn treatments. This ensures that lawn is healthy and looks good all year round. All fertiliser treatments are undertaken at the right time, in suitable weather conditions using products with the correct nutrient analysis for the season in which they are applied.

Lawn moss control

Moss is a serious problem in many lawns due to a number of issues such as excessive shade, compaction, poor grass coverage, poor drainage and low soil pH. Moss can be controlled by addressing these issues together with applying a moss killer and scarifying out the dead material. Moss killers are usually applied in early spring or autumn which coincides with when your lawn is most at risk, when scarifying operations are carried out and when over seeding is most appropriate. 

Applying a moss killer will temporarily control moss in your lawn but it will not rectify the underlying issues, resulting in moss returning to the sward. Eco Garden Maintenance can devise a package of treatments to control moss which could include applications of moss killer, scarifying, aeration, fertilising , soil pH amendment and reduction in shade via pruning of offending trees and shrubs.

Lawn weed control

At Eco Garden Maintenance we use liquid selective herbicides to control weeds in lawns, applied using professional quality sprayers for the most even coverage. The most effective chemicals are only available for use by qualified operatives who hold the relevant certificates and are experienced in the safe handling, storage and application of these hazardous substances. 

The invasion of your lawn by weeds can be minimised by maintaining a dense sward of turf where the weed seeds have difficulty in establishing. On a healthy dense lawn, weeds can be spot treated or removed by hand if there are not too many. If the lawn has a lot of weed seedlings and mature weeds, then the only effective and efficient way to remove them is by blanket spraying the whole lawn with liquid selective weed killer.

Lawn weed killers are most effective in spring when the weeds are still young and growing strongly. The chemical needs to be transported around the plant and to the roots for an effective kill, and the the faster they are growing the more efficiently this is achieved. To help with this we apply weed killers a week or two after applying the spring fertiliser and moss killer, thus ensuring the weeds are growing strongly and a good kill rate is achieved. Weed killers are usually only applied once per  growing season as applying too much in one year can lead to death of the grass.

Lawn aeration

In our opinion aeration is extremely beneficial for the lawn and should be carried out at least once per year. We recommend this operation is carried out two or three times per year as the benefits are enormous and not to be underestimated, especially on lawns which receive a lot of pedestrian traffic.

Aeration is essential for a deep rooting, healthy lawn which is more resistant to drought, less compacted, free draining and better able to use nutrients in the soil. It enables air and water to reach the roots of the grass which is very important for long term healthy growth.

Camon LA20 lawn aerator
At Eco Garden Maintenance we use professional aeration machinery which are able to aerate deeply and densely thus being more effective. We have a choice of hollow or solid tines which are used to suit the ground conditions, season and what needs to be achieved. Hollow tines remove plugs of soil which can be removed from the surface of the lawn. This is particularly useful when compaction is severe and when top dressing and over seeding operations are to be carried out. We usually carry out hollow tine aeration in autumn when weather conditions ensure the lawn does not dry out. Solid tines are used by us more extensively and are recommended for use in spring and summer and when compaction is not too severe. We use solid tine aeration most of the time as not every lawn requires top dressing and over seeding, and it is quicker and cheaper as there are no cores to clear up afterwards.

Lawn scarifying

Every lawn needs a small amount of thatch to protect the soil from the sun and rain. Thatch is an accumulation of dead and dying plant matter which prevents air flow, water penetration and fertiliser from reaching the grass roots. It is a major problem in many lawns and has the cumulative effect of providing ideal conditions for pests, diseases and fungi to flourish.


It is important to remove an over  accumulation of thatch at least once per year, in either spring or autumn. As most moss killers are applied in spring it is usually carried out then but we have clients who like us to scarify in spring and autumn. The results speak for themselves, especially if professional grade scarification machinery is used. If your lawn has been neglected and is to be scarified for the first time, please do not be alarmed by the amount of material that is removed during this essential procedure. 

Eco Garden Maintenance will mow the lawn shorter than usual before carrying out any scarifying as this helps the rotating knifes of the machine to penetrate the thatch and so be effective. After doing one pass with the scarifier and clearing up the resultant arisings, we carry out another pass at ninety degrees to the first pass. Scarifying in two directions ensures that any material missed or loosened by the initial pass is removed by the second. After the material produced is removed we run our mower over the lawn again to suck up any remaining debris and to leave a tidy, attractive appearance. We can remove all waste produced if the client so wishes or leave on site for composting etc.

Lawn top dressing

This procedure is often overlooked in lawn care packages but can be very important in the overall health and appearance of an ornamental lawn. Top dressing is usually carried out after the lawn has been hollow tine aerated and some growing medium exchange is required. If the soil is heavy clay and badly drained then after removing the cores a top dressing is applied consisting of a high percentage of horticultural sand. When worked into the holes this sand allows the lawn to drain freely. The soil or compost element of the top dressing provides some nutrients, organic matter and a means for creating a medium for new grass seed to germinate successfully. For lawns on sandy soil or where there is very low levels of organic matter, we regularly use a top dressing which consists mainly of compost. This provides nutrients, improves soil structure, helps reduce compaction and increases drought tolerance in summer.When worked in properly top dressings are also a good way of filling in any slight hollows in your lawn, producing a flat even surface.

Lawn over seeding

Over seeding is essential for lawns with sparse grass cover and where new grass species want to be introduced. We usually carry out this procedure in spring or autumn when weather conditions are favourable for the successful germination of the seed. It is recommended that the lawn is scarified and top dressed before seeding is commenced in order for the seed to come in to contact with the soil. It is a very worthwhile operation which can revive a tired, old looking lawn and negate the need for re-turfing. 

Lawn pest and disease control

Many lawns come under attack from pests, diseases and fungi which can ruin their appearance. It is difficult for the amateur gardener to identify the problem, source an effective product and apply the chemical at the recommended rate. Eco Garden Maintenance are able to identify what is attacking your lawn, select the appropriate control product and apply it effectively and safely.

Please contact Eco Garden Maintenance to enquire about our unique lawn care services and what can be achieved with your lawn.