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More examples of garden maintenance work done by Eco Garden Maintenance

Rough grass cut by Eco Garden Maintenance (Tadcaster)

Rough grass cutting

An area of rough grass maintained by Eco Garden Maintenance. In this situation the standard of finish required is not as critical as with formal lawns. The area is rather bumpy so the cutting height is higher and a four wheel mower is used. In summer and when the grass is dry a mulch mower can be used to good effect, reducing the amount of clippings to deal with and the grass benefits from the nutrients and organic matter which is returned to the soil.
Diving border with willow tree

Border maintenance

This border divides the garden in two and has a path which leads through from the main lawn to a smaller secondary lawn. The border is quite mature now and has been maintained by Eco Garden Maintenance for the past ten years. In this time some shrubs and perennials have been replaced, the large willow tree has been pruned twice and some of the shrubs are trimmed or pruned on an annual basis.  Home made compost is applied to the borders every autumn.
Large formally clipped Yew tree

Pruning & clipping

In this garden there are many large evergreen shrubs and trees such as Yew, Box, Laurel, Bay, Privet and Holly which are ideally suited to regular formal clipping and topiary. Trees and shrubs such as . Our client expressed a wish that they would like some of their shrubs and trees clipped into various shapes. Eco Garden Maintenance have all the necessary skills, tools and equipment to formally clip all sizes of tree and shrub. We can also advise on the best way to prune different plants. 

Large apple trees pruned by Eco Garden Maintenance.
Tree surgery & pruning

The large apple trees in this front garden are a relic from before the bungalow was built and the owners are keen to keep them but do not want them to get too big. With that in mind Eco Garden Maintenance were instructed to prune them in late November with the brief that they should still look like trees and not a series of stubs. We removed a large amount of growth leaving smaller leader branches produced from previous pruning operations. These trees are now pruned every year.
Spiraea in a mixed border.

Planting & pruning 

A rear garden maintained by Eco Garden Maintenance is shown in spring with shrubs, perennials and bulbs in full flower. The white Spiraea arguta is maintained in such a way as to not hinder it's natural habit which is so important for showing off the flowers to full effect. Every year a few of the oldest stems are pruned to ground level so there is always a series of young shoots to take over. This shrub should never be trimmed into shapes with hedge cutters. Also shown are tulips, heather and a Pieris.