About Eco Garden Maintenance

We first opened for business in 2000 and have been serving the area between Leeds, York and Selby ever since. Stuart, who is the owner of Eco Garden Maintenance, was brought up on his family's farm. He developed a love of the outdoors at an early age and soon became involved in maintaining the garden, vegetable plot and other green spaces on the farm. Whilst others were indoors Stuart was to be found mowing the lawn, pruning and climbing trees or just enjoying watching the local wildlife.

Stuart Brogden and son

As the years went by horticultural skills were acquired, practiced and developed all with the knowledge that a career in land based industry was the ultimate goal. Qualifications were gained along the way together with plant knowledge and a will to succeed. There came a point when Stuart had to decide on a career in horticulture or agriculture, on an employed or self employed basis. As agriculture had become so mechanized and at odds with conservation, he decided to start his own business providing garden and landscape maintenance services.

The business quickly became a success as word of mouth spread and it became clear that we knew what we were doing, had a love of plants and actually enjoyed the nature of the work. Eco Garden Maintenance has grown in so many ways but we are still small enough to care whilst being able to complete larger scale projects. We offer a full range of services to enhance any outdoor space from the smallest modern garden to the largest rural property.

As gardeners we take our environmental responsibilities extremely seriously. We use Pellenc battery powered tools extensively. These tools are at the cutting edge of garden machinery technology giving serious environmental benefits in the form of lower pollution. There are zero emissions at the point of use and noise pollution is severely reduced.

We like to work in harmony with the environment and wildlife which means using organic products as much as possible. In certain circumstances chemicals have to be used but we try to avoid this if possible. Composting is at the heart of organics and we try to promote this with all of our customers. By shredding the garden waste we can help to provide good home made compost which is so vital to a beautiful garden.

If you would like to know more about Eco Garden Maintenance then please visit our profile at Landscape Juice Network.